Globalization of Information Technology -- software application development and maintenance -- has gained momentum in recent times. Offshoring (offshore outsourcing) has emerged as a key strategy of distributed Information Technology development. Consultants and service providers continue to articulate the benefits of sourcing and offshore development and there is an increasing focus on executing IT projects with geographically and culturally disbursed teams

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Thanks in part to NASSCOM's lobbying in Washington, Offshoring as big an issue being debated in the elections. McCain has been quoted emphasizing support for free trade, offshoring practices. However, Democratic US Presidential nominee Barack Obama’s recent convention remark that "companies that ship jobs overseas will not get tax breaks." was debated a a bit in the media. What Does Obama’s Remark on Offshoring Mean? Maybe Nothing blogs Ann All. Other viewpoints on the story include

Viewpoints on Pre Sales, Sales support at Software Service Firms. Includes Frequently asked questions on presales Continue to read this viewpoint

Getting Hired in a Flat World: Do you want to join an Indian Offshoring firm Onsite? Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Satyam, Cognizant, Patni and other Tier-1 Indian software service firms are (selectively) hiring in North America. Continue to read this viewpoint

Mohan Babu responds to the recent Business Week article Is the Party Over for Indian Outsourcers?

Evolution of a Sourcing Strategy: Organizations typically consider several inputs while formulating their offshoring road maps, and selecting an appropriate offshoring model is one of the key steps in the process. There are several factors to consider, including aspects of international business strategy -- selecting the country, scanning the landscape and deciding on the sourcing strategy. Tracing the history of EDS's foray into India is akin to walking down the offshoring memory lane. >> (

Myth: All Outsourcing Is Offshoring: The mention of outsourcing at any industry forum or in the media automatically conjures visions of Indians or Chinese working for international clients on their computers 8,000 or 10,000 miles away. >>Read the column (

Outsource, Don't Abdicate: Regardless of what business processes you move outside your corporate borders, you can’t lose sight of your ultimate responsibility for ethics and the end result. >> Read the Article (

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The book by Mohan Babu K [Offshoring IT Services: framework for managing outsourced projects] bridges the gap between offshoring strategies and execution and delivery of offshored projects with an analysis of an Offshoring Management Framework [OMF].

"Offshoring of information technology is `not an isolated trend but part of a bigger shift towards the globalisation of business processes.' This book says the good times are here to stay, taking a cue from manufacturing. Things never end up as cut in stone. Every offshoring project brings in new things to operations management, says Babu, in conclusion. "People and processes need to adapt to changes." Useful insights, to help you offshore." Says Hindu Businessline. Check out further details of the book and reviews online

You may also be interested in the Mohan's blogs "Enterprise Architecture and Offshore IT, Technology Management". Copies of the book are available online from Createspace The book is also available in India online from McGraw-Hill India and from Indian book sellers:
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Mohan Babu K, Technology Strategy Consulting, Infosys, Offshoring GuruMohan Babu K, Technology Strategy Consulting, Infosys, Offshoring Guru

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